tv/selected outreach


• Host of Listening to Orcas, for CBC’s The Nature of Things.

• Host of Kingdom of the Tide, for CBC’s The Nature of Things.


• Host of Ocean Alive! for Ocean Networks Canada.


The Green Interview with Silver Donald Cameron.

• Hosted 13-part webisode series ‘Today on Earth’ for GREENYRLIFE.


• Co-host of Suzuki Diaries: Future city, for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). This episode asks: what are cities within Canada doing to be more sustainable? (Listen to radio interviews with CBC Toronto’s ‘Here and Now’ and CBC Edmonton AM).

• Appearance on Fanny Kiefer Show, promoting Beneath Cold Seas book.


• Host and research consultant for Parks Canada’s Secrets of The Emerald Sea, a TV documentary focusing on the importance of Marine Protected Areas in Canada.

• Host of online One Ocean interviews with marine experts and blog for four-part One Ocean CBC series.

• Interview for Cause An Effect campaign, David Suzuki Foundation.


• Co-host of The New Centurions for the Discovery Channel, a TV special recognizing and celebrating young North Americans creating positive social and environmental change.

• Co-host of Suzuki Diaries: Coastal Canada for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). This episode addresses the marine challenges and potential solutions occurring on the three coasts of Canada.


• Co-host of Suzuki Diaries: Sustainability in Action for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Suzuki Diaries is a TV series focused on sustainability and solutions to current Canadian and global environmental problems. This show in particular looks at renewable energy alternatives in Europe.

• Discussions with Dr. Bill Rees on Footprints: Environment and the Way we Live, for the National Film Board (NFB).